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MultiFandom Spoiler Community

Spoil me, baby!

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This community is a safe clearing house for spoilers

1. all post should be friends-locked. This community should not be visible on your friends page for people who do not belong to the comm. This is RULE ONE for a very good reason. Once you are a member of this community, you are agreeing to be spoiled. We will try to control the degree of spoilage through other means, but once you sign on, you are in. Friends lock makes sure it stays in.

2. lj-cut ALL post. This is a secondary precaution. Not everyone wants spoiled in every fandom they participate. Yes, once you join, you agree to be spoiled, but that doesn't mean we should be rude and shove spoilers in peoples faces. Be polite. You may have a small introduction outside of the cut. Just be careful about what you say, please!

3. All post should have a header warning which fandom the spoiler belongs to. No simple, cutie headers like: "Watch out, kids!" or "Lookie what I found!" State the fandom and season if applicable. Save the cutie stuff for the body of the post.

4. Please do not include mood themes in your post.

5. If you are accidentally spoiled, don't bitch about it to the person posting. Take it to a mod. We will look over the post and take statements from both parties and make a decision as to what action should be taken.

6. This comm will have a three strike rule. Three infractions of the rules, or three times found trolling or causing problems and you are out.